The Advantages of E-Coating Services in Automotive Manufacturing

Winona Powder Coating specializes in custom e-coating services for automotive parts manufacturers, including OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Our high-volume e-coating capabilities provide the quick turnaround and consistent quality needed in today’s automotive supply chain.

Winona’s industrial e-coating line is set up to handle virtually all sizes of automotive components. Maximum part weight is 2,200 lb. with a large window size of 102” x 48” x 48”.  Our state-of-the-art TTX Indexing e-coat line integrates a 13-stage pretreatment process with zinc phosphate and laser scale removal to ensure precision results for all automotive projects.

Delivering 500 ft ² of coverage per load, Winona can meet the high-speed, high-volume e-coating needs of full-scale OEMs, Tier 1 partsmakers, as well as Tier 2 operations.

E-Coating for Consistency with Complex Automotive Parts

For complex automotive parts with difficult-to-reach areas, the liquid immersion process of e-coating can more easily achieve a full coat. If a small area of a part does not get coated, corrosion can form and creep back to the surface, creating performance issues with the part. E-coat ensures all surfaces of the part are evenly coated. We have to ensure a complete coating layer to fully protect automotive parts from rust and corrosion – especially for parts that will be exposed to the elements.

E-Coating as a High-Performance Automotive Primer

We can also use e-coating to achieve a high-performance primer layer for automotive parts that require conventional paint along with added protection. The liquid immersion process makes e-coating an exceptional primer, as it’s easier to achieve a thin, even layer compared to powder coating. Conventional liquid paints are then applied over top of the e-coat to finish off the part.

E-coat primers give manufacturers a full range of options in paint color, texture, and unique finishes while still providing the rust protection and corrosion resistance of e-coating.

An Overview of Our Automotive E-Coating Capabilities:

  • High-speed, high-volume – up to 500 ft ² of coverage per part load.
  • Large window – 102” x 48” x 48” – accommodating virtually all automotive part sizes.
  • Maximum of 2,200 lb. part weight per load bar.
  • 13-stage zinc phosphate pretreatment process with laser scale removal.
  • Cure oven capabilities – 350ºF to 450ºF at 45 minutes.

Quality American E-Coating Services for the Automotive Industry and Beyond

Established in 1974, Winona Powder Coating is one of the Midwest region's leading e-coating service providers for the automotive sector and beyond. With two locations based out of Etna Green and Elkhard, Indiana, our company has served OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 automotive manufacturers for more than 35 years.
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