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A recent project between Winona Powder Coating (Etna Green) and Smoker Craft, Inc (New Paris) has received national attention in the industry publication PRODUCTS FINISHING.

The project reviewed involved the post-forming of powder coated aluminum rails for Smoker Craft, Inc pontoons. Jamie Visker, Winona CEO, “This story really illustrates what can happen when manufacturers, finishers and materials suppliers work closely together towards a common goal.”

Josh Drudge, Operations Vice President at Smoker Craft Inc, “Past attempts at powder coating and then post-forming rails met with problems. Peeling, cracking and subsequent corrosion.” But they still sought an alternative to black anodizing due to finish inconsistencies, particularly where the rails bend. Hoping to find a powder coating solution Drudge reported, “We can make this work, right?”

Jamie Visker- “I said, ‘We are willing to go to the end to figure this out. If we can solve it, we will do it. We’ll do chemistry, we’ll look at powders- we’ll go everywhere we need to go’.” Drudge was impressed, “They wanted it to work as badly as we did. I feel like they did their homework.” Winona reports now coating parts for 175 Smoker Craft boats a week with more on the way. Visker- “Everybody worked together. Whatever this project demanded, the challenge was met, everybody was in. It’s a great success story.”

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