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Winona Powder Coating- Experts at coating castings that will be machined. We are the growing source for machine shops that machine castings after being powder and/or E-coated.

Winona is the regional leader of powder coat and E-coat finishing of castings. Including large and/or heavy castings based on part profile. And we are increasingly the coater of choice for machine shops machining many of these castings.

We are the leader in coating castings for the bearing, agricultural, construction and automotive markets.

Why? Castings often require protective coatings for corrosion protection. Poorly coated castings that are machined often result in defects that compromise the corrosion performance of the part. We are experts at coating these castings to that ensure edge adhesion is maintained. No spalling, cracking or flaking that often occurs during machining of lesser quality-coated parts.

We hold the tolerances that matter for post-coating machining of castings.

Machining castings post-coating? We’re your coaters!

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