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Sticking with the old tried-and-true resin-based liquid coatings from the 1960’s? Or are you ready for something BETTER?

Interpon powder coating from Winona Powder Coating is better than the old tried-and-true resin-based liquid in very significant ways- 

  • Powder coating contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), so it is better for the environment, gains all-important environmental certification credits (such as LEEDS) and is a “green process” (so no hazardous permits are required). Manufacturing costs are kept low. 
  • Powder can be supplied in a variety of textures, which is not always the case with liquid coatings. 
  • Powder coating has greater scratch resistance so less on-site rework is needed.  And if some touch-up is needed, powder coating is easier to touch up than liquid finishes. 
  • The powder coating process results in higher film build around the edges, even when compared to multiple-coat liquid processes. So, powder coated parts have greater resistance to corrosion and environmental challenges. 
  • So many significant benefits, and yet the cost of powder coating is equivalent to the old tried-and-true. 


  • Winona is one of the very few approved architectural coating sources for AAMA (Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2604 and 2605 in the Midwest. 
  • Winona has the ISO 9001-2015 Quality System in place and the Awards and Certifications to match. You will get consistent part quality. 
  • Winona Powder Coating has the capacity to grow with your business! 

 Winona Powder Coating. The architectural products finishing choice. 


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