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Winona Powder Coating is THE powder coating choice for aluminum extrusion manufacturers. Not many offer the Winona combination,

- Winona Powder Coating is northern Indiana/southern Michigan’s high-volume/high-quality finisher with a coating line dedicated to aluminum extrusions.

- A dedicated line allows utilization of state-of-the-art pretreatment processes optimized for aluminum composition.

- Our pretreatment process is certified to AAMA 2605 from three different powder suppliers.

- AAMA 2605 is the highest level of coating performance coded by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

- In order to demonstrate this level of performance, the coating has to pass exposure to a salt environment for 4000 hours, withstand harsh Florida exposure for ten years, and other tests designed to insure long-term coating reliability. And this testing is replicated every year.

- Winona has available capacity for high-volume aluminum extrusion work!

- We offer quick turnaround. See how quickly we can get your projects completed.

Winona is the expert at coating extrusions that are subsequently post formed. Our proprietary process insures no loss of coating adhesion from the post forming process. See how we solved post forming problems for Smoker Craft.

Winona Powder Coating. The aluminum extruder’s powder coating choice.

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