High-Performance Powder Coating Services for Forged and Cast Parts

Today’s foundry operators and manufacturers of forged/cast parts demand the most durable metal finishes possible for their products. When it comes to the forging and casting industries, powder coating is far superior to conventional liquid paint options. After all, it’s only 10% of your production cost, but the finish is arguably responsible for 100% of your product image.

The Advantages of Powder Coating for Forgings and Castings

The powder coating process creates heavy-duty finishes that resist general wear and tear as well as chemical corrosion and breakdown. Powder finishes are also generally much easier to clean and maintain, making it the ideal solution for high-performance industrial components which are regularly put to hard use.

Additionally, powder coating can provide your products with improved machinability. That’s critical for custom machined forgings and castings which require additional post-processing to accommodate complex designs. Whereas conventional wet paint can struggle to coat hard-to-reach areas in close-tolerance components, the electrostatic powder coating process ensures maximum surface adhesion.

Our foundry customers also turn to powder coating for the enhanced weather resistance and corrosion protection. Whether it’s forged/cast products used outdoors, in the field, or on the factory floor, protective coatings that prevent rust will substantially increase the lifetime of your equipment.


Heavy-Duty Powder Coating Solutions for Foundries, Forgings, and Castings:

  • Winona operates a conveyorized line equipped with a GEMA spray booth which is optimized for heavy-duty castings and forged parts. Our unique methodology ensures maximum powder adhesion, quicker color changes, and quick clean-up with less powder wasted in the process.
  • Our industrial powder coating line features a 700’ long straight-through cure oven which ensures efficient curing for heavy-duty forgings and castings. The lack of curves minimizes the occurrence of hot and cold spots that can otherwise lead to inconsistent finishes.
  • Obviously, heavy industrial forgings and castings soak up a lot of heat. Our Line Two offers a long-traversing 1200’ of cool-down area to ensure even and effective cooling for even the largest metal parts.
  • We stock over 50 different uniquely-formulated powders to match the custom color choices and environmental needs for our foundry, forging, and casting customers.
  • When possible, we use low-cure powders which allow for cycles at lower temperatures than conventional powders. Some specialized forged and cast parts are relatively delicate in terms of thermal resistance, so a low-temperature option is crucial.
  • We are one of the only Midwest metal finishers serving the American foundry industry and beyond with both powder coating and e-coating services.

Quality American Powder Coating Services for the Forged and Cast Industry and Beyond

Established in 1974, Winona Powder Coating is one of the industry’s powder coating companies for forged and cast parts along with many other unique industrial product applications. With two locations based out of Etna Green and Elkhart, Indiana, our company has served industrial forged and cast customers throughout the Midwest and beyond.

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