Custom Powder Coating for Your Metal Stamped Products – Premium Looks and Long-Lasting Protection

Winona Powder Coating is the Midwest’s leading industrial finisher for the metal stamping market. Our company is backed by decades of proven experience in powder coating both low- and high-volume runs of quality stamped parts. From OEM part suppliers to small-scale metal stamping operations, our industrial coatings will enhance your products with premium aesthetics and long-lasting corrosion protection.

Powder Coating Services for Metal Stamping Runs:

From stamped industrial parts to architectural stampings to everyday consumer products, Winona coats it all. However, two of our specialties you may not find with our competitors are in automotive stampings and stamped aluminum parts.

High-Volume Powder Coating for Automotive Metal Stampings

Winona has high-volume capacity to tackle large runs of metal stamped parts, including automotive stampings. We can offer rapid turnaround for on-demand parts runs to better serve today’s high-speed automotive manufacturing sector. Our high-volume capacity can readily accommodate large OEM projects, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive parts makers.

Powder Coating for Aluminum Stampings

Steel stampings are commonly powder coated to protect the surface from rust. However, aluminum stampings are also commonly coated to achieve custom colors with a long-lasting finish. That’s why Winona’s Etna Green, Indiana facility features a dedicated line with a unique pretreatment process optimized for aluminum parts. When we coat aluminum stampings, we ensure the same superior quality and consistency that you get with standard steel materials.

The Advantages of Powder Coating for Your Metal Stamped Products:

Custom Colors in a Heavy-Duty Finish

Our powder coating solutions produce a highly durable finish for metal stamped parts, highly resistant to scratches, chips, fading, and other forms of wear and tear. That makes it ideal for stamped parts that may be subjected to harsh environmental conditions or frequent handling. Our custom powder coatings are also available in a wide range of textures and finishes, giving you more options for customizing your parts and making them your own.

Protect Your Parts from Rust and Corrosion

Powder coating provides excellent protection against corrosion – like we mentioned, especially important for steel stampings. Our quality coatings extend the lifespan of your parts and keep them looking better for longer.

Uniform Coverage for Complex Stampings

When properly controlled, the powder coating process naturally ensures uniform coverage of the entire surface of the part. Even complex shaped stampings and parts with hard-to-reach bends will be coated consistently.

More Cost-Effective for High Volumes

While our powder coating services are an excellent option for low- and mid-volume parts runs, they are exceptionally cost-effective for high-volume runs of metal stampings. Our conveyorized coating process is highly automated, minimizing labor requirements while substantially reducing turnaround time for large volumes.

Quality American Powder Coating Services for the Metal Stamping Industry and Beyond

Established in 1974, Winona Powder Coating is one of the industry’s powder coating companies for metal stamped products and beyond. With two locations based out of Etna Green and Elkhart, Indiana, our company has served industrial metal stamping customers throughout the Midwest and beyond.

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