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Winona Powder Coating is increasingly THE powder coating and e-coating choice for OEM’s and other manufacturers/fabricators demanding higher environmental standards. Not many offer the Winona Combination-

  • Powder Coating provides a hard, durable finish. E-coating delivers superior corrosion resistance. Both finishes are far more environmentally friendly than conventional liquid paint or anodizing. No solvents. No VOC’s. Longer-lasting finishes for longer-lasting products. FAR less waste.
  • Our new and much-improved/more efficient GEMA powder spray booth delivers superior powder application, quicker color changes and clean-up along with much-reduced powder waste. Our old line required disposed of 12 gaylord boxes a month of powder. Now it’s two!
  • We offer responsible chemical management and audited clean-water discharge.
  • We replaced our burn-off oven that turned old paint and powder to ash. Our new fluidized sandbath turns old paint/powder to heat. Far less waste and significant energy savings result.
  • Working with customers looking for ways to reduce packaging waste.
  • And the little things. All-green lighting. Replacing plastic water jugs and plastic water bottles with drinking fountains, reusable Tervis tumblers and an ice machine. Searching for continual improvement.
  • Winona Powder Coating is a PRODUCTS FINISHING magazine’s TOP SHOP award winner three years running (2020, 2021, 2022).

More and more companies are demanding more “green” practices from their suppliers. While powder coating and e-coating are natural choices for enviro-friendly products finishing, Winona takes it to another level.

Winona Powder Coating. The sustainable choice.

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