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Khloee started working at Winona Powder Coating during her Junior year of high school, and worked 2nd shift in the pack area of one of our powder coat lines. Every day, she would come in after school and work until the end of the shift at 10:00 PM. Khloee proved to be a reliable Winona employee while she was also maintaining her role as a high school student. 

Khloee quickly adapted to packing customer parts after coating, and was promoted to a lead packer position. She held this lead position for almost two years and then expanded her knowledge of our company by working with our e-coat team. Khloee was utilized as a packer, start-of-line parts, hanger, and helped with the shipping process of the e-coated parts. 

During this time, Khloee graduated from high school, and after graduation she continued working with Winona Powder. 

When a position became available in our customer service department, Khloee expressed interest in the position. The experience she had with our customers' parts and our other internal processes, it was a no-brainer to add Khloee to the customer service team! 

Congratulations, Khloee! We are so grateful to be part of your amazing story! 

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