E-Coat + Powder Coat = The Ultimate Protection

Coating complex geometry parts? 

Need superior coating and UV protection?

Count on Winona!

Winona offers three options to protect your parts from any harsh environment.

1) Winona is one of the few powder coaters that also offers epoxy e-coat. The liquid epoxy application insures 100% of the surface area of the part is covered. Very important for complex-geometry parts. And the surface is very chemically and mechanically durable Our e-coat process delivers robust corrosion protection passing 1000-hour salt spray exposure even at thicknesses as low as .6 MILS.

2) Winona operates three state-of-the-art powder coating lines designed to coat most substrates including Cold and Hot Rolled Steel, Iron and Aluminum. Powder coating offers numerous options in color, composition and texture sure to meet any demand. Coating thicknesses are in the 2 to 5 MIL range and offer strong UV protection in any environment. Salt-spray testing of 2000 hours is common.

3) The ultimate protection? Corrosion-fighting e-coat primer coupled with exposure-and-UV-resistant powder top-coat. The strengths of both technologies combine to provide the best protection in even the harshest environments. Sun, salt, rain, wind, gravel, mud... the tough stuff. Salt-spray testing 2500-3000 hours or more! Winona’s e-coat primer/top-coat powder is THE best protection available on the market today.


So, if you have complex-geometry parts and require superior corrosion and environmental protection, contact Winona today!


  • E-Coat + Powder Coating Image
    E-Coat + Powder Coat 
  • E-Coat + Powder Coat
    E-Coat + Powder Coat
  • E-Coat and Powder 2
    E-Coat + Powder Coat