Why You Should Powder Coat Your Vehicle Parts

When choosing the suitable coating needed for their commercial vehicle, it’s important to make the right decision. There are many options to choose from, including vinyl wraps, painting, and powder coat paint. Each has its pros and cons. With powder coating, however, you get superior benefits than with other painting types. Winona Powder Coating company is here to inculcate your decision if you stay in Northern Indiana and the Southern Michigan regions. Below are some reasons why we recommend powder coating for vehicle parts.

Incredibly Solid and Tough to Damage

If we were to pick one thing about powder coating that stands out from other painting options is its durability. After the coating cures, it impeccably bonds with the metal forming an armor-like finish, different from any other coating. Also, unlike paint, it does not chip or flake. Better still, you can use a powder coat as a base coat and add other paint layers. It will effectively protect your car.


Enduring Perfect Finish

For the reason above, powder coating ranks as the most long-lasting finish we have. Even factory paint eventually requires touch-ups due to scrapes and scratches, something you will never find with powder coat paint. In addition to longevity, it prevents rust and other damages to the car’s body while maintaining a smooth finish.


A Variety of Finishes

There is also a wide selection of colors, shines, and finishes regarding the user’s needs. Since it constitutes pigment powder, even if the powder coating service does not have the finish color you desire, they can quickly blend a new hue. Just ensure you test-cure on small scrap metal to be certain of the final color before the last mix sets.


High-Quality Restoration

A powder coating process’s unique quality is that it’s an excellent option for vehicles with several scrapes already. In addition, powder coat paint restores body damage perfectly, making your scrapped and excessively dented car look brand new. We can owe this to the application process, which begins with sandblasting to blow away the previous paint and new imperfections. The preparation process also smooths out the dents and chippings from previous scrapes before applying a primeval powder finish.

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Powder coating is the most durable way to paint your car or fleet of commercial cars. This is because it does not just paint; it bonds to the vehicle’s metal body, preventing flaking, scrapping, and degradation. As a result, it’s a perfect way to create a custom powder coat finish for your car. If you seek to renovate your ride in Northern Indiana and the Southern Michigan region, call the Winona Powder Coating experts today!