Protecting Your Powder Coat from Damaging Weather Conditions

Although it’s highly resilient even to harsh weather conditions, constant exposure for extended periods can cause a powder coating to deteriorate with time. Therefore, the right type of maintenance is necessary to battle the damaging effects when powder-finished products are exposed to sun, rain, snow, wind, etc. At Winona Powder Coating, we provide you with professional powder coating maintenance services in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips.

Watch Exposure to Water

Exposure to sun and water can wreak mayhem on your powder-coated items. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent this exposure, especially on large items like fences. However, you can take some prevention measures to prevent additional water exposure sources like irrigation systems. For example, it’s advisable to turn off the irrigation systems during winter and wait for warmer climates. If you must, adjust the sprinkler direction.


Ensure Proper Cleaning

When cleaning a powder coat, it’s advisable to avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals. These can harm the finish. Instead, use mild detergents and clear water for cleaning during winter. Pressure washing is necessary, especially for more oversized items like fences, at least once in a season. If the coats are exposed to mud, snow, and other deicing agents, use pressure washing at least once a month. To prevent harsh effects on outdoor furniture, hand wash the lawn furniture at least once during winter and other seasons. Use clean and soft sponges for cleaning and rinse with fresh water to prevent further damage.


Use the Right Protection Wax

In harsh weather like a snowy winter, you need to wax the powder-coated surfaces. Use a similar wax on the furniture and other equipment like the one used on your car. A small amount of wax buffed well using a soft cloth is enough for the season. Repeat the waxing process for the next season.


Use Quality Powder Paint

During the powder coating process, we can apply varying types of powder coats. There are different quality levels for powder coats. Regarding outdoor durability, the most rudimental measure is industrial/ entry-level architectural grade. Entry-level powder coats can maintain the shine and color uniformity for 12-18 months under the South Florida climate. Conversely, high-performance powder coats with outstanding durability can withstand extreme temperatures for about 5-10 years without showing possible degradation.

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Powder coating can last for many years without flaking or sustaining dents, but only with proper maintenance. For all powder coating services, Winona Powder Coating is your to-go-to provider. Call us today! We offer the best deals on powder coating services, plus we have trustees across the region, in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.