Different Types of Powder Coating Finishes

Newbie and pro powder coating enthusiasts already know powder coat paint is an excellent painting method that produces beautiful yet tough and durable finishes. The powder coating process is the same regardless of if you are using a single paint gun, an oven, or a completely automated line.
Powder coating in Northern Indiana comes in many types, and each has its characteristics and specific applications. So, there is a need to have the right powder type for a successful painting. Read along for the various options Winona Powder Coating offers.


Epoxies were the initially used powder coats. They are very durable and offer the expected hardness, plus they have among the best corrosion-resistant properties. Another advantage is that they are easy to use plus a widely varied cure schedule. They bond to metals effortlessly, and with several metal pretreatments before application, the adhesion is perfect. The disadvantage is that epoxies do not respond well to weather since they quickly fade and chalk under constant sunlight.



They are among the most used powder for all powder coating services because they provide an excellent value for money. Polyesters are of two types, TGIC (tri glycidyl isocyanurate) and non TGIC. Both have excellent mechanical resistance, good flexibility, and good chemical and impact resistance. One drawback of polyesters is the low cure temperature. However, it makes polyester powder better for sensitive items.


Super Durable Polyesters

These have quickly elevated to the superhero of powder coatings. As the name suggests, they offer superior durability to standard polyester. In addition, the coat is designed to remain intact for up to ten years compared with regular polyester that’s more short-lived. Not only do they look good, but they also provide superior humidity, face, and corrosion resistance, and they have a great value for money. As a result, they are increasingly used for indoor applications where high fade resistance is necessary and in all outdoor applications.



This type of powder coat paint is similar to polyethylene in chemical composition but differs in the curing agents. Urethanes bring among the smoothest finishes in the market. In addition, they are highly durable and resistant to chemical and corrosion, making them perfect for coating fuel tanks. Other typical applications include agricultural equipment, car rims, doorknobs, and oven knobs. They are mostly used in doorknobs because they do not retain fingerprints. However, one of the urethan drawbacks is that they outgas and become brittle at thicknesses of higher mil. They are also more expensive than other powder types.

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These are just among the few types of powder coat paints we offer at Winona Powder Coating! You can also get epoxy-polyester hybrids and fluoropolymer powder coats as long as it suits your application. Visit our websites to see some of our expert work, or call us for quick, high-quality indoor and outdoor fixes in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.