How Does Powder Coating Work?

It’s hard to beat the protective qualities that the powder coating process provides on metal surfaces. This technique was introduced in the 1960s as a solution to end wasteful and hazardous paint products. Today, it has morphed into an immense mainstay with strongholds in the automotive industry. It can be problematic trying to understand how the powder coating process works. Nonetheless, Winona Powder Coating is here for you. In addition to educating you, we offer superior powder coating services in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan regions.

What Are The Uses

Powder coating has increasingly become popular in today’s market. Almost every industrial-grade appliance we use has powder coating, from refrigerators to ovens, furniture, farm equipment, and even sports equipment. Statistics say that the method boasts over 15% of the entire industrial finishing market. Many companies advocate the use of powder coat paint for the high-quality, durable and brilliant finish. These convert to improved efficiencies, more production, and better compliance with environmental rules.


How Does It Work?

Powder coatings use polymer resin systems plus curative additives, pigments, leveling agents, and flow modifiers. All the included ingredients get melted together during application to form a blend, then cooled and ground, making an unvarying powder. Application on the metal substrate encompasses the electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) process. The method uses a spray gun that charges the powder pigments for easy attraction to the grounded surface.

After the powder coating application, the part is then passed through a curing oven. Here, it melts and creates chemical reactions resulting in longer molecule chains and high cross-link density. The molecule chains are the cause of the coating’s resilience. This application type is the most commonly used. Moreover, powder coatings are used on plastics and medium-density fiberboards(MDF).


Fluidized Bed Application

Our powder coating services sometimes use a fluidized bed application technique. In this process, the parts are first pre-heated then dipped in the fluidized powder. The part’s coating then melts and flows out. Depending on the type of powder used and its mass, we may need to perform a post-cure. Still, regardless of the application process used, it’s easy to use powder coatings; they are environmentally friendly, save on costs, and are tough.


Powder Coating Durability

Powder coating is found on many of the products we use today. The finish protects some of the toughest and roughest equipment and also household items. Powder coating is more durable than regular paint and more resistant to the detrimental effects from impacts, chemicals, UV light, constant moisture, and snow. This reduces the chances of the paint chipping, getting scratches, abrasion, corrosion, and fading.

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Although the working of powder coating differs from other methods, it’s pretty fast and reliable when done by the supposed professionals. Some options may be costly, but it ensures value in zero wastages, and the process is generally fleeting. Visit or call the Winona Powder Coating company today for superior powder coating services in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.