Everything You Need to Know About Powder Coating

Compared to other paintings, powder coatings are durable, attractive, resistant to flaking and scratches, and environmentally friendly. As a result, they have many applications, including for decorative and protective purposes. You can also get an unlimited variety of colors and textures at the Winona Powder Coating company in the Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan regions. Make a call today!

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a prevalent dry finishing process that originated in North America in the 60s. It represents more than 60% of the finishing industry and is used over various products. As a result, more companies invest in powder coating services for the high-quality finish and durability, which allows for bulk production, increased efficiencies, and environmental compliance. It’s currently mainly used as a functional protective and decorative finish and is available in many colors and textures. Further technological advancements have significantly increased the performance of powder coatings in the market.


Where Is It Used?

A properly applied layer of powder coat quickly resists a range of unwanted contaminants. These include damage inflicted by pitting, rust, and corrosive substances, making powder coating among the most practical and inexpensive methods for bare-metal treatment. Still, powder coats are not all about durability and heat resistance. They also provide the ability to coat metallic parts using virtually any available material, creating various finishes. This alone makes powder coating the most preferred coating method in the automotive industry.


The Powder Coating Process in Brief

Other than knowing how this fantastic powder is used to create smooth finishes, you might wonder how the application process is. These pigmented powder particles do not stick on the slick metal magically. They must first pass through an electrostatic charging process. It’s achieved by using a powder coating machine that electrostatically charges the pigments then ejects them through the tip of a paint gun in an air-blown misting upshot. After misting the metal surface, the coated part is inserted in a temperature-controlled kiln for a preset baking period. The powder melts into a liquid state, and when completely cured, it becomes tremendously hard.


What Are The Benefits

Opting for powder coating services presents a list of multiple benefits. These benefits apply to any part or item you apply it on. First, the powder coat is highly durable and resistant to extreme heat, making it among the best surface protectants we have in the market. Also, unlike regular paints, powder coating uses no solvents or hardeners, so there is zero emission of toxic substances making it environmentally friendly.

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